Mediocre Ramblings, Modern Woman


I guess introductions are in order.  I joke at least once a week that my life should be a tv show.  At some point it will probably be at least a book, so why not start documenting the fun, the beautiful, and the crazy?  Although it would be ridiculously awesome if somehow this blog became wildly popular-realistically it won’t.  It’ll be writing that remains on these web pages, occasionally browsed by a stranger in some far off place. So, to be fair to myself, this will probably turn out to be the wildly well written mediocre ramblings of a modern woman.

What you can expect: pages of wit and sarcasm, ridiculous bouts of laughter, the occasional tearjerker that will tug at all of your heart strings, wild experiences, hopefully breathtaking pictures of miraculous views, some not so spectacular pictures of Saturday nights gone wrong, and all kinds of stories.  Some stories might just review a weekend I particularly enjoyed and some might stem from some deep inner questioning that leads to open-ended reflection.  My title and hashtag may seem quite pretentious (#chillestgirlalive) but that is not something that you should expect from any of my posts.  It’s just a joke that stemmed from yet another one of my ridiculous stories in life, so I go with it.

I ask one thing of anyone who reads whatever this becomes… go with it.

Oh, and my name is Nicole.